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Eduardo.jpeg Eduardo Lucas Sena

About Me

Technical Data Processing Educational Institute Piracicabano, degree in Data Processing Technology in the Methodist University of Piracicaba, Management Specialist Oil and Gas Faculty north of the state, Master of Science in Higher Education from the University of Matanzas in Cuba and PhD in computing the Federal University of Espirito Santo. University teacher in institutions of small, medium and large in northern Espirito Santo and Southern Bahia in the subjects of Introduction to Computers and Computing, Fundamentals of Information Systems, Introduction to Information Technology, Computer Organization and Architecture I and II , Computer Networking, Database, Logic Programming, Operating Systems, Decision Support Systems, Management Information Systems and Profiling of Oil Wells, Project Coordinator for Social Inclusion, Systems Analyst, Teacher Graduate to the discipline of technology in education is Research Professor I CAPES for courses Platform Freire in the IT field.


Currently live on an island located north of the State of Espirito Santo call, Island Guriri located for 13 km from the city of St. Matthew, which all access can be done by road.

Contribution to the Fedora Project

I intend to work with Fedora Ambassador in Northern State of Espirito Santo and power represent pojeto fedora in the other states of the federation dissinando the idea of freedom in the use of computer equipment to use free software in schools, private and public companies, participating in events such as speaker advocating the use of free software, as well as help in organizing these, contribute to intellectual growth and improvement project.

Skype: prof.senna
Twitter: @Eduardo Lucas Sena