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* Write tutorial about Fedora and Linux in general.
* Write tutorial about Fedora and Linux in general.
* ''Mirroring Fedora Repository''
* ''Mirroring Fedora Repository''
== Fedora Ambassador ==
The reason I want to became Fedora Ambassador is because I want to help FedoraProject to promoting about Fedora to Indonesian and building community to helping people to solve their Linux/Fedora problem.
== Code ==  
== Code ==  

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Tommy Albert
Tommy Albert
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Home: Berastagi, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
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FAS-Name: sentabi
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IRC: kabuto on Freenode in
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Fedora Project :

Promote Fedora for my community, most of us using Linux but not Fedora distro's. Indonesian fedora community has been freezed for long time, and I think this is a time to 'wake up'.

Indonesian Linux Community

Recent activities with Fedora

What I've done

  • Writing tutorial about Fedora in my personal blog.
  • Provide free Fedora Repository.
  • Build a Karonese Linux Community, because most of karonese don't know anything about Linux. I've remastering Fedora and named it Kalix (Karo Linux).
  • Teaching people about Linux.
  • Using Fedora as my home server.
  • Helping my friend troubleshooting their computer particularly Linux based operating system

Future Plan

  • Remastering Fedora for my community.
  • Teaching computer using Fedora.
  • Write tutorial about Fedora and Linux in general.
  • Mirroring Fedora Repository


GitHub Blog : Blogger Kuta Nari

Quote :

  • Linux is not only ubuntu
  • Use Linux for a better future.
  • Menggapai impian dari dunia maya