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|REAL-NAME= Sergio (sergiodj) Durigan Junior
|REAL-NAME= Sergio (sergiodj) Durigan Junior

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Sergio (sergiodj) Durigan Junior
[[Image:|thumb|center|Sergio (sergiodj) Durigan Junior]]
Personal Information
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Home: Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: sergiodj
Miscellaneous Information
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GPG-Key: [1]
IRC: sergiodj on in
#fedora-br #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-latam #fedora-devel
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Hello, there. My name is Sergio, and currently live in the city of Campinas, in São Paulo state, Brazil. I work for Red Hat, and my job is to develop GDB, the GNU Debugger, which is part of the GNU Toolchain. I have been using Fedora for quite some time now (since Fedora 12), and it really impressed me from the first moment I saw. Being a FLOSS developer, and working with low level programming, I was expecting some impedance because I always heard that Fedora was not good for programmers. Well, people were completely wrong about it! Fedora can be user-friendly and nerd-friendly at the same time :-).

I coursed Computer Science at UNICAMP, and graduated in 2009. Since then, I have worked at IBM's Linux Technology Center, and now at Red Hat.


Currently, I am the second maintainer of the GDB package on Fedora. I am also becoming more involved with local communities, and trying to spread the word about Fedora for more GNU/Linux users.


Here is a list of my presentations about the Project Fedora. Whenever I can, I try to put the slides online and also to make a report about it in my personal blog.