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Dan Horák

Email: []

Home Page:

IRC nicks: sharkcz on FreeNode IRC, dhorak on Red Hat internal IRC

About Me

I used to work as a sysadmin for a small company with large infrastructure in West Bohemia, Czech Republic. Now I work for Red Hat Czech as a software engineer in the BaseOS team.

Packages submitted and/or maintained

Packages waiting for review

Packages not yet submitted

usually available at

  • afros - Atari Free Operating System for use in aranym
  • aranym - Atari ST/Falcon/TT virtual machine
  • atari800 - 8-bit Atari emulator (will probably go into rpmfusion repo)
  • atftp - advanced TFTP client and server
  • gwhere - CD/DVD file catalog (patched, so it works in current desktops)
  • gnomecatalog - CD/DVD file catalog (needs some work to be really useful)
  • winetricks - utility for installing various redistributable libraries into Wine

Personal repository for Fedora

contains backported packages from newer releases and some additional packages, see repo

Available Testing Hardware

this HW is available for developers to lend or it can be installed in a test server/workstation

type name driver
SCSI host adapter Initio U2W a100u2w
SCSI RAID card HP NetRAID-1Si megaraid (legacy)

Server SIG work