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Dan Horák

Email: []

Home Page:

IRC nicks: sharkcz on FreeNode IRC, dhorak on RH internal IRC

About Me

I used to work as a sysadmin for a small company with large infrastructure in West Bohemia, Czech Republic. Now I work for Red Hat Czech as a software engineer in the BaseOS team.

Packages submitted and/or maintained

  • cdcollect - simple CD/DVD catalog for GNOME
  • codeblocks - C/C++ IDE
  • cyrus-imapd
  • dovecot
  • mm3d - MisfitModel3D
  • mt-st
  • mtx
  • openhpi
  • openhpi-subagent
  • python-openhpi
  • qgit - QT interface to GIT repos
  • sg3_utils
  • ski - IA-64 user and system level simulator
  • squirrel - high level imperative/OO programming language
  • tailor - VCS conversion tool
  • tinyerp - ERP client-server system
  • ultimatestunts - remake of DOS Stunts game
  • zabbix

Packages with me as co-maintainer

  • collectl
  • gtkterm
  • qlandkarte
  • scribus
  • wxGTK

Packages waiting for review

Packages not yet submitted

usually available at

  • afros - Atari Free Operating System for use in aranym
  • aranym - Atari ST/Falcon/TT virtual machine
  • atari800 - 8-bit Atari emulator (will probably go into rpmfusion repo)
  • atftp - advanced TFTP client and server
  • gwhere - CD/DVD file catalog (patched, so it works in current desktops)
  • gnomecatalog - CD/DVD file catalog (needs some work to be really useful)
  • winetricks - utility for installing various redistributable libraries into Wine

Personal repository for Fedora 8

contains backported packages from newer releases and some additional packages, see repo