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|REAL-NAME= Shatadru Bandyopadhyay
|REAL-NAME= Shatadru Bandyopadhyay
|birthday= Jan 6th 1992
|birthday= Jan 6th 1992

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Shatadru Bandyopadhyay
[[Image:{{{image}}}|thumb|center|Shatadru Bandyopadhyay]]
Personal Information
Birthday: Jan 6th 1992
Home: Kolkata,India
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: shatadru
Miscellaneous Information
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IRC: {{{irc-nick}}} on Freenode in
Badges (20)
White Rabbit Crypto Panda Involvement Pixel Ninja FUDCon Pune 2015 Volunteer Egg Embryo Let Me Introduce Myself Junior Badger (Badger I) Junior Editor Paranoid Panda Don't Call it a Comeback Froglet Crypto Badger Mugshot Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora II) Tadpole Origin Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora I) Tadpole with Legs

Shatadru Bandyopadhyay

I am a IT student , and interested in FOSS . I like to design and edit photos , logos etc . I am interested to contribute to the projects of Fedora design-team . I use Incspace ,GIMP for graphics designing .

Special Interests

[grub2 theme]

[Fedora 18 (Spherical Cow)]