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Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury


About Me

I am a Rangeen, an engineering student, currently pursuing my Graduation at NIT Durgapur, India. I strongly believe that Open Source is the future and nothing can take it's place. I am Linux User and currently member of two LUGs, the NITDGP LUG and MIDLUG.

I was inspired by one of my seniors in my college and started using GNU Linux. I have used Linux ever since, with Fedora as my distro.

I tasted and felt freedom and also want others to feel it. Open Source is making the world a better place to live and let live.

Support Open Source, source open support.

Get In Touch



IRC: sherry151

Channels like #linux-india #fedora, #fedora-india, #nitdgplug are my regular hangouts.


Call Me At:

  • +919851204522
  • +913222261737 (Home- I normally do not stay at home.)


Flat No.-2A

Sandhya Arati Apartment

Seikhpura, Church Road

Midnapore, West Bengal


Fedora Account: sherry151


Import my public key From Here

 pub   1024D/DAC86C55 2009-02-06
 Key fingerprint = 52A0 244F AB88 49FE 6607  17E8 E77D 53F8 DAC8 6C55
 uid                  Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury (This is for signing things I create) <>

Activities with Fedora

  • I have been a continuous user of Fedora since Fedora Core 4
  • I try to spread Fedora awareness in my college
  • I maintain a local server running Fedora
  • I am trying to contribute to Fedora Electronics Lab documentation and tutorials and am already deployed it on some systems in our departmental laboratories for the students to use
  • I plan to bring Fedora into my home town and surrounding areas where very few people actually know about Linux
  • I want to deploy Fedora in schools and general colleges in the region and provide support so that the it can be used in education

I am looking forward to an even greater association with Fedora in future.