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== Shiv Deepak ==
I am currently pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at SRM Engineering College, SRM University [[]].
I am a computer enthusiast. My encounter to Open Source and GNU/Linux was an accident. I found a iso image of Linux 4.0 (I guess most of you not even heard about that!!) in a tech magazine. I burnt that image into a CD and tried to install it over my PC. The installation (only) was successful, I end up with nothing in my Hard Drive except that OS. But as it was different from that proprietary Windows OS and it was out of my understanding I got a keen interest in this Linux OS. Later in upcoming months I was exposed to Mandrake 10.0, Ubuntu 4.10, SUSE linux and many such destros. But still my understanding to this elegant OS was Limited, the main reason was I got no Internet Connection at home.But when I joined college to pursue my bachelor degree I got a good exposure to open source and I worked over Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, SUSE, Sun Solaris (Which is now Open Source.), Mac OS X (Even though it is not Open Source, But it is a flavour of UNIX as the Linux is).
At present I am the office bearer of the School Of Computing in my college which is responsible for all the Events and Conferences held by Dept. of Computer Science And Engineering.
I am currently having Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora 11 (Kde) side by side in dual boot installed over my laptop. A more that 10 OSs on my Virtual Machine. I like to explore Linux and I have encourage many of my friends to use Linux.
* Email:
* Fedora Account: shivdeepak
* Phone:
**      +91 99622 57457 (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA)
**      +91 99816 73713 (Korba, Chhattisgarh, INDIA)
* Blog: [[]]
'''Activities within Fedora'''
* As I have joined this group very recently my activities are mostly dedicated to Linux rather than Fedora.
** In 2008 I was the part of the event named "Solaris Installation Fest" in the college Annual Tech Fest.
** In the same year I was the part of the event "Smart Life 2.0" which was development of java apps which could run on Java platform mobile phones, over netbeans which id a Open Source IDE.
** This year in 2009, I participated in the Tech Event Organised By Madras Institute Of Technology, ANNA University, Chennai, which is dedicated Open Source Software and OSs.
** I have encouraged most of my college fellows to use Linux and helped them to solve their problems they faced in using Linux.
* My Activities within fedora
** 10-12 September 2008, Organising a Workshop on GNU/Linux Fedora in my University, Invited Mr Salvadesswaran [] and Mr Ramadass [] to give lecture/Demo during the workshop.

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