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}}= Misha Shnurapet =
}}= Misha Shnurapet =
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Hello! I live, work and study in Russian Federation.
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==

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Misha Shnurapet
[[Image:|none|Misha Shnurapet]]
Personal Information
Language: Russian, English, Polish
Home: Irkutsk (Russia, GMT+8)
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: shnurapet
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: zayzayats AT yandex DOT ru
GPG-Key: A857 37C2 CDEB 817B 6BF6 D7FF 3578 4ACC A21B 8EDA A857 37C2 CDEB 817B 6BF6 D7FF 3578 4ACC A21B
Homepage: [http:// ]
IRC: {{{irc}}}
ICQ: {{{icq}}}
RHCE Certification:

Misha Shnurapet

Activities within Fedora

  • Native Russian translator
  • Ambassador from Russian Federation
  • Bug reporter