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* '''Email''': shnurapet AT
* '''Email''': shnurapet AT
* '''IRC''': misha on [ Freenode] <!--(just query me or look around in #fedora, #fedora-design, #fedora-docs, #fedora-l10n, #fedora-russian, #gnome or #transifex)-->
* '''IRC''': misha on [ Freenode]
* '''Gtalk''': shnurapet AT
* '''FAS Name''': shnurapet
* '''Fedora Account''': shnurapet
* '''GPG key''': F741 AB4B CFCC 99E2 8B0B 7290 69BB CC11 2182 64B3
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==

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Misha Shnurapet

Russia-based professional translator living in a Siberian city near the Lake Baykal. See the lake on a map: quite big, moon-shaped — right there, in the Middle Asia — I love it for crystal clear water and enormous space above rocks and evergreen pine trees. A great place to free your mind and cleanse your soul. James Cameron came here in August 2010 to celebrate his 50th jubilee. He came down to bottom and then went to drink vodka at a local camp. :) I love to have a laugh. I am also very fond of IT, especially open source, and everything creative, beautiful, even edgy, is my big interest. I like to get to know other people and cultures, it's awesome to find that we all have much in common. I believe that friendship is beyond a language.

A picture taken at the Earth Hour 2011 in Romania by Nicu Buculei


Profile LinkedIn.png

  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Irkutsk (Russia, UTC+9)
  • Language: Russian, English, some Polish


  • Irkutsk State Linguistic University Diploma (cum laude), Irkutsk, Russian Federation
  • Freedom Support Act / Future Leaders Exchange alumni, IA, USA
  • Iowa Student Global Leadership Conference participant, IA, USA

I am an adherent of Cognitive Linguistics. Simply speaking of its application, from wording you can get pretty much anything about the speaker: their mood, appearance, background, attitude on the subject matter and, on certain conditions, even to what side from the wall they hang toilet paper. Read the full article in Wikipedia.


  • Email: shnurapet AT
  • IRC: misha on Freenode
  • FAS Name: shnurapet

Activities within Fedora



  • Russian translations coordinator
  • Native Russian translator currently involved in:
    • ABRT
    • Anaconda
    • PackageKit
    • Shotwell
    • Yum
    • Docs
    • Websites

Design Team

Ideas and feedback. :)

Other activities outside Fedora

I've been translating and proof-reading within the GNOME Project and as a member of the Russian Ubuntu Translators team. I have mostly been interested in Banshee and Deluge, two great products for GNU/Linux, OS X and Windows.

I translate for Android. The vast acceptance of the BitTorrent client tTorrent among Russian users is due to its Russian translation.