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= Shoaib Handoo =
= Shoaib Handoo =
=== BE Computers , MBA (In Progress) ===
== About Me ==
Hi Friends,
I am '''Shoaib '''From India.
Brand Ambassador
My excitement to join Fedora came by the thought of developing something that would suit my requirements and yet have it officially recognized. The KDE desktop in comparison with MS was open for such changes and opportunities...Mostly I visited for Download Purpose... but in My Visit Once I saw The Invitation to Join The Ambassadors Group... I Made an account with Help of ThomasChung and SiddhartUpmanyu and Joined The Group and now I am amongst the elite group of '''''Fedora Ambassadors '''over the world... ''
I plan to Join The Development Group in Recent Future and contribute my creations and ideas to enhance the fedora community further...
I Would Like to offer any Help at my level... Please contact me on addresses listed below.
. You can find my GPG key at '''''' by searching for 'Shoaib Handoo'
'''Shoaib.''' ;-)
== Contact Information ==
Email: [[MailTo(shoaibhandoo AT gmail DOT com)] 
Email: [[MailTo(shoaib AT fedoraproject DOT org)] 
== Softwares and Packages ==
* EMAIL Management System.
* Portable OS Enhanced Environment.
* DBS Warehousing - Management & Mining.
[[Category:Ambassadors from India]]

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Shoaib Handoo

Brand Ambassador