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(BE Computers , MBA (In Progress))
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= Shoaib Handoo =
= Shoaib Handoo =
=== BE Computers , MBA (In Progress) ===
== About Me ==
== About Me ==
Hi Friends,
Hi Friends,

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Shoaib Handoo

About Me

Hi Friends,

alt text

I am Shoaib

Mostly I visit for Download Purposes... and I am amongst the elite group of Fedora Ambassadors over the world since March 2007...

I plan to Join The Development Group in Recent Future and contribute my creations and ideas to enhance the fedora community further...

I Would Like to offer any Help at my level ... Please contact me on addresses listed below.

. You can find my GPG key at Key@Shoaib

Contact Information

Email: [[MailTo(shoaibhandoo AT gmail DOT com)]

Email: [[MailTo(shoaib AT fedoraproject DOT org)]

Softwares and Packages

  • EMAIL Management System.
  • Portable OS Enhanced Environment.
  • DBS Warehousing - Management & Mining.
  • 3D Drafted Images and Artworks.
  • Invisible Authentication Code Generator.