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= Mohammed Sikandar =
= Mohammed Sikandar =
== About me ==
== About me ==

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[edit] Mohammed Sikandar


[edit] About me

I am Sikandar, my net name is sikku, staying at Bangalore, India.

I have just been trying to contribute for the Fedora project. Be it monetarily or mentally. I support for any kind of Free Software.

I don't remember exactly when I started using GNU/Linux. It was during my academic years where I started using RedHat 7. I remember those days when installing Linux was not so easy as it is today. There was no GUI for partitioning, hence my Hard Disk crashed many a times and eventually I had to replace my HD with a new one. This made me more fascinating towards Linux and my journey started thence. To know why exactly I switched to Linux take a look at this link.

After that I have followed every release and also followed a few other distros. But in Fedora, I saw the constant urge to improve and sticking to some basics, that's why I am still with Fedora. And I plan to continue.

Think globally think freely. Express yourself and act it accordingly

Promote Free Software. Promote GNU/Linux.

[edit] Contact Me

  • Email:
  • Fedora Account: sikku
  • Phone  : +919845743465
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Unless you have a very urgent need, don't call me. Drop me a mail instead.

[edit] With Fedora

I am looking to contribute to Fedora projects in near future, with full dedication

[edit] A few external links

[edit] My Resume

To view my Resume click here