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This is only a DRAFT!

Guidelines for packaging Drupal 8 modules, themes, and profiles

Different Kinds of Packages

  • Modules: Modules extend and customize Drupal functionality.
  • Themes: Themes allow users to change the look and feel of their Drupal site.
  • Distributions/Profiles: Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site.

Naming Scheme

Every package MUST be named drupal8-<drupal_machine_name>. Drupal itself enforces unique machine names for each of its' projects and there is a single namespace for all modules, themes, and distributions/profiles. The <drupal_machine_name> MUST match the project name (i.e.<drupal_machine_name>).

File Placement

  • Modules: A module package MUST be placed in the %drupal8_modules directory (base "modules/" directory)
  • Themes: A theme package MUST be placed in the %drupal8_themes directory (base "themes/" directory)
  • Distributions/Profiles: A distribution/profile package MUST be placed in the %drupal8_profiles directory (base "profiles/" directory)
  • Libraries: A library package MUST be placed in the %drupal8_libraries directory (base "libraries/" directory)

Requires and Provides

Every package MUST include the following in its' spec:

BuildRequires: drupal8-rpmbuild

The drupal8-rpmbuild package automatically scans files for provides [1] and requires [2] and automatically adds them to the package during build time as "drupal8(<drupal_machine_name>)" virtual resources. The use of virtual provides and requires helps alleviate the confusion of sub-modules and which modules actually provide those sub-modules. They also help simplify spec files.

[1] From *.info filenames
[2] From *.info file "dependencies[]" entries

Other Packages

See PHP packaging guidelines.

PHP Extensions

See PHP packaging guidelines.

Requiring a Minimum PHP Version

See PHP packaging guidelines but note that this should not normally be required by most packages (see [1]).

This needs to be added to the drupal8-rpmbuild package so it is automatic.

Macros and Scriptlets

Macros provided by the drupal8-rpmbuild package:

Macro Value Description
%drupal8_version 8.0* Drupal 8 version.
* Numeric value is dynamically updated by the Drupal 8 core package.
%drupal8 %{_datadir}/drupal8 Drupal 8 base directory.
%drupal8_modules %{drupal8}/modules Drupal 8 modules directory.
%drupal8_profiles %{drupal8}/profiles Drupal 8 profiles directory.
%drupal8_themes %{drupal8}/themes Drupal 8 themes directory.
%drupal8_libraries %{drupal8}/libraries Drupal 8 library directory.

Additional Hints