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* [  A sad day] — Brian Hanson
* [  A sad day] — Brian Hanson
* [ In memoriam] − Konstantin Ryabitsev
* [ In memoriam] − Konstantin Ryabitsev
* [ Our friend Seth] − Greg DeKoenigsberg
=== Photos ===
=== Photos ===
* [ Photos of Seth from Máirín Duffy]
* [ Photos of Seth from Máirín Duffy]

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Seth Vidal

We mourn the loss of Seth Vidal

Seth was a lead developer of yum and the update repository system, and a contributor to the CentOS project as well as the original Fedora Extras system. He worked tirelessly on the infrastructure for the Fedora Project to make all systems work well and consistently for our contributors around the world. He was a gifted speaker, a brilliant thinker, a clever wit, a humble and genuinely funny person, and a good friend.

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Seth was a charitable soul, in words and in deeds. His family has requested that any donations in his memory be made to one of the following worthy charities:

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