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* My Fedora People:
* My Fedora People:
== Review Requests submitted ==
== Review Requests==
Contains both submitted reviews and formal reviews done.
*[ Reviews I've completed]
*[ Reviews I've completed]

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About me

I'm from Milan, Italy, but since August 2011 moved to Lugano in Switzerland. Being using Fedora since its inception and Redhat since more than I remember (RedHat 5.2 maybe?).

Got my RHCE a few years ago but everyday life made me forget that I only miss 2 more exams for RHCA. My certification number is 805007645629672

Side projects regarding Fedora

I mantain a repository for Bacula that basically contains backports for all RHEL/Centos/Fedora supported distributions. Use this if you're running a stable version of RHEL or Fedora and you want the latest Bacula for running backups without the need to recompile packages on your own.


Review Requests

Contains both submitted reviews and formal reviews done.


Packages maintained

Package names with no hyperlink are already approved in Fedora, the others are still pending for review.


  • bacula - Cross platform network backup for Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows
  • bacula-docs - Bacula documentation

Guacamole stack

  • libguac - The common library used by all C components of Guacamole
  • libguac-client-vnc - VNC support for guacd
  • libguac-client-rdp - RDP support for guacd
  • guacd - Proxy daemon for Guacamole
  • guacamole-common - The core Java library used by the Guacamole web application
  • guacamole-ext - Common interfaces for extending the main Guacamole web application
  • guacamole-common-js - The JavaScript library used by the Guacamole web application
  • guacamole - The main web application, written in Java

Apache Radius auth module

  • mod_auth_xradius - Apache module that provides authentication against RADIUS Servers


  • shellinabox - Web based AJAX terminal emulator


  • figlet - A program for making large letters out of ordinary text