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About me

I'm from Milan, Italy, but since August 2011 moved to Lugano in Switzerland. Being using Fedora since its inception and Redhat since more than I remember (RedHat 5.2 maybe?).


Packages maintained

Package names with no hyperlink are already approved in Fedora, the others are still pending for review.


  • bacula - Cross platform network backup for Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows
  • bacula-docs - Bacula documentation

Guacamole stack

  • libguac - The common library used by all C components of Guacamole
  • libguac-client-vnc - VNC support for guacd
  • libguac-client-rdp - RDP support for guacd
  • guacd - Proxy daemon for Guacamole
  • guacamole-common - The core Java library used by the Guacamole web application
  • guacamole-ext - Common interfaces for extending the main Guacamole web application
  • guacamole-common-js - The JavaScript library used by the Guacamole web application
  • guacamole - The main web application, written in Java

Apache Radius auth module

  • libmd - MD2, MD4, and MD5 encryption library, taken from FreeBSD
  • libradius - This is a library to generate RADIUS authentication request
  • mod_auth_xradius - Apache module that provides authentication against RADIUS Servers



  • figlet - A program for making large letters out of ordinary text