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About me

I'm from Milan, Italy, but since August 2011 I moved to Lugano in Switzerland. Being using Fedora since its inception and Redhat since more than I remember (RedHat 5.2 maybe?).

Got my RHCE a few years ago but everyday life made me forget that I only miss 2 more exams for RHCA. My certification number is 805007645629672

Side projects regarding Fedora

I mantain a repository for Bacula that basically contains backports for all RHEL/Centos/Fedora supported distributions. Use this if you're running a stable version of RHEL or Fedora and you want the latest Bacula for running backups without the need to recompile packages on your own.

A repository for the Doom 3 source code modification dhewm3 is available for those that like to play this game. The engine is there, for the content please read the appropriate readme.

A repository for HandBrake, the really powerful open source multi threaded video encoder.

A repository that packs the latest Steam for Fedora based on spot's excellent work.

A repository that packs the latest Adobe Flash Plugin for Fedora / CentOS / RHEL that tries to be more "compliant"; also used by the Steam repository.

A repository for cdrtools is available for those that don't think that cdrkit works enough well. The packages obsoletes the cdrkit packages and plugs into as a replacement for brasero etc.

On RHEL 6+ and Fedora the packages uses file capabilities to avoid having the binaries setuid root.


Review Requests

A list of formal reviews.


Packages maintained

For packages I mantain / co-mantain or simply received some commits from me check the Fedora Package Database query.