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Scott McBrien

I'm a veteran of the open source community, and while I don't drink the Kool-Aid hook, line, and sinker, believe that Open Source is an important conceptual contribution to technology and our generation. I make my living by teaching classes on Red Hat based Linux distributions, and by offering consulting services on same. I use open source extensively in my own projects, and it's always my first choice for clients.

I want to be a Fedora Ambassador because I like the Fedora Distro (I use a fair amount of the live distro), and it's a great desktop distro. It's easy to show off to people who are new or interested in Linux.

My goals as an Ambassador are to: Increase the presence and use of Fedora Serve as a resource for the Fedora community at large Smackdown inode0, who seems to persist as unsmackdowneth

I'll get back to this page later...

Until then, find me on as StabbyMc or on Facebook