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'''Social Media'''
'''Social Media'''
* '''blog''': []
* '''blog''': []
* '''Twitter''': [ @W4OTN]
'''Other Information'''
'''Other Information'''

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I started contributing to the Fedora Project in 2007. I have worked with different teams including the Documentation Project, where in January of 2009 I was appointed as the leader and served in that capacity until November of 2010. Most recently I was recently elected to the Board.

I am a security engineer by trade and have written various papers on e-mail, network, and wireless security that explain the proper ways of setting up security measures that are available via open source solutions.

I'm also an amateur radio operator (W4OTN) and used to be heavily involved in RF data communications. Now I'm all about the ability to use data in the field to support my adventures. You can be sure that Fedora is high on my list of software that is deployed in the field.



IRC: Sparks on the freenode IRC network

Social Media

Other Information

  • GPG key: 0x024BB3D1
  • Location: Deale, Maryland, USA

Activities within Fedora


I currently serving on the Fedora Board for the release cycles F18 through F21.

Documentation Project

I am a member of the Docs Project and work as an editor and writer. I am currently working on the following projects:


I am a packager for Fedora and work to get software ready for the masses to enjoy. The packages I currently support can be seen here.

My Notes