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Shawn Starr

KDE Developer
Open Source Developer

Part of Fedora Cloud SIG

My Email address is:

IRC Nicknames: spstarr/spstarr_work

Package Name Description Status
kde-plasma-weather Plasma widget for weather forecasts Upstream developer/maintainer, co-maintained with kkofler
libcapseo A realtime encoder/decoder library maintained (obsolete)
libcaptury A library for X11/OpenGL video capturing framework maintained (obsolete)
pdsh Multithreaded remote shell co-maintained with dmlb2000 [EPEL versions]
qgtkstyle Qt style rendering using GTK+ themes co-maintained with kkofler (obsoleted)
nagios Network system monitoring co-maintained with several people [EPEL versions]
lrzip A compression program optimised for large file co-maintained with robert
rubygem-addressable Improved URI/URL handling maintainer
rubygem-extlib Support library for DataMapper and Merb maintainer
rubygem-idn Ruby Bindings for the GNU LibIDN library maintainer
opennebula Deferred til Fedora 19 release timeframe will be maintainer

See for snapshot packages and other stuff (coming soon!)