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|REAL-NAME= Spiros Kaftanis
|REAL-NAME= Spiros Kaftanis
|HOME= Argolida, Greece
|HOME= Argolida, Greece
|image= Spirosjpg.png
|image= 14b2b4c022a9553730c4.jpg
|birthday= 1994.03.04
|birthday= 1994.03.04
|FAS-NAME= spyroskaftanis
|FAS-NAME= spyroskaftanis

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Spiros Kaftanis
Personal Information
Birthday: 1994.03.04
Home: Argolida, Greece
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: spyroskaftanis
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
IRC: spyroskaftanis on Freenode in
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My name is Spiros and I am 17 years old. I live in beautiful Greece! I am a student in the Greek Likeio and I have only 2 years to finish the school. I use Linux for 2 years, starting with ubuntu 8.10! Now in my computer I have only Fedora 15 with Gnome 3 and Kde 4.6. I am a member of the ubuntu Greece team and we have create many interesting project.

I don't know programming but I have started to read a python book so I am a beginner. I also know to make many simple bash scripts. Bash scripting is more easier then python :)

For my future I think to study in an computer science school, but it's difficult, because there aren't many work options here in Greece. I love also mathematics and physics.

Finally I have an unofficial greek fedora blog here: Also I post my articles and in the best open source blog in Greece so I am very proud for this!