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Name: José Angel Quintanar Morales

Location: Oaxaca,Mexico

Languages: Spanish.

Hi, my name is Jose Angel and I´ve just joined the project, tough my interest in fedora began 2 years ago when I know Fedora Core 6.


-Dual boot installations on university and highschool student´s laptops.

-Free assistance to people who request it ( Fedora Help desk, currently supporting only the people on my locality, maybe with the help from others we can extend this "unofficial" service).

-Tell people about Fedora (I use my blog, web page ,etc).


   * Email:
   * Fedora Account: ssquma
   * Fedora Talk Extension: 5335226
   * Homepage:
   * Location: Oaxaca, México 

Activities within Fedora

I'm looking forward to spread the voice of the project in the community as an Ambassador, also contributing by distributing media to individuals or locations without access to broadband.