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Name: Steffen Fritz

Birthday: 01/01/1981

Location: Ludwigsburg, Germany

Languages: German, English, French

I'm a student of computational linguistics at the University of Stuttgart/Germany.

My Goals at The Fedora Community

I'm already a great interceder for Fedora. In tech talks with fellow students and collegues I stress the exceptional community, the knowledge of the developers and the great functionality of Fedora. But beside that I would like to promote Fedora in schools and at my university in a more officially manner. As a skilled user and programmer I can point out the advantages of Linux and especially Fedora. Furthermore I am an open source advocate and like the free in free beer. Therefore: I would like to be a Fedora ambassador.

Planned Actions

Fedora 18 Installation-Party in Ludwigsburg/Germany - Date: 08/01/2013 or 15/01/2013 Location: Demokratisches Zentrum Ludwigsburg, Wilhelmstraße 45/1, 71638 Ludwigsburg


   IRC:  ampoffcom on Freenode in: #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-de, #fedora
   Account:  steffenfritz
   Blog:  []



Novell: NCLA

Novell: DCTS