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Daimar Vinícius da Silva Stein

Graphic designer and video editor currently studying Communications at the University of Santa Cruz in Ilhéus. Outspoken communist and libre software enthusiast (but not evangelist) trying to use only Linux and tools available for it (be them FOSS or not due to Davinci Resolve) for my design work since mid 2020, when I ditched my dual boot.

Been a computer tinkerer ever since accidentally nuking my parents' first PC's Windows 95 install. Linux user since early 2020, Fedora user ever since the beta for Fedora 35 went live and been having a mix of beta testing and stable release usage on my machines ever since (and yes, I do run the betas on my production machine, and yes, I know I shouldn't, but the temptation is just too strong). Using Vim bindings for everything that I can, but ironically I do not use Vim itself anymore.

  • Location: Bahia, Brazil
  • Born in january of 1999.
  • Fedora user since sep. 28, 2021.


  • Graphic design
  • Translation
  • Beta testing
  • GNOME and its development news

Fedora involvement

Marketing work

I've been officially part of the marketing team as of August 2022, and ever since joining I've helped with:

Design work

I am not officially in the design team, but I did help with:

Translation work

I've been part of the l10n general and brazilian portuguese teams as of August 2022, but I have been helping with translation of a bunch of projects over on Weblate ever since October 2021, in special:

  • ABRT
  • Anaconda
  • DNF
  • Fedora Docs
  • Fedora Media Writer
  • SELinux and setroubleshoot

Other work


  • email:

Badges (36)

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