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Current Fedora Aims

  • Get lots of grid software into Fedora and EPEL
  • I've set up a Fedora Grid Computing special interest group.

Things I need to do

  • Get perl-POE-Component-Client-LDAP into EPEL.
  • Get perl-WWW-Mechanize into EPEL.

Things that I can't build in EPEL6

  • xml-security-c, xmltooling, opensaml missing xalan-c
  • plpa no EL6 branch why?
  • xcalc , needs some work.

python26 rpms for EPEL5

Since python26 is about to be added to EPEL5 there are bunch of python packages that I'm interested to see appear. Some of these will I'm sure never happen but recorded here anyway.

Silas has some .spec file here as well:

List of python26 packages
Package Name Notes
Django Requires a number of packages, Dependency tree
mod_python Released
python-simplejson Released
python-nose Released
cx_Oracle Will never be added to EPEL but here since I will do for my own purposes.
python-sqlite Probably already included in python26 distribution
setuptools Released as python26-distribute, provides python26-setuptools.
SOAPpy Requires PyXML.
ZSI April 23rd 2010 I own this in EPEL but setuptools and PyXML is needed first.
PyXML Will be released very shortly
scipy Needs numpy.
matplotlib Needs numpy.
numpy Review progressing well,