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tokei is a tool that analyzes code in a project and offers project statistics. It shows you exactly how many code, comments, or blank lines you have.

How to test

  1. Execute dnf install tokei
  2. Reports on the code in ./foo and all subfolders. $ tokei ./foo
  3. Report on multiple folders in the same call simply add a comma, or a space followed by another path tokei ./foo, ./bar, ./baz
  4. Report on each file by using $ tokei ./foo --files

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run. Be brief ... but explicit.

  1. Step #1 completes without error
  2. Step #2 Reports back with all the code in the folder
  3. Step #3 Reports aggregated sum of all the code report
  4. Step #4 Reports about each file and then a summary at the end


Optionally provide hints for exploratory testing.