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= Rahul Sundaram =
= Rahul Sundaram =
[[Image:RahulSundaram_RahulSundaram-photo.png|thumb|200px]] Rahul Sundaram]
* '''Email''': sundaram AT fedoraproject DOT org  
* '''Email''': sundaram AT fedoraproject DOT org  

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Rahul Sundaram

RahulSundaram RahulSundaram-photo.png
  • Email: sundaram AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC: mether. Hang out in #fedora #fedora-docs #fedora-qa #fedorabot #fedora-devel #fedora-mktg #fedora-websites #fedora-admin #fedora-india.
  • GPG key: N/A
  • Fedora Account: sundaram


  • Red Hat community engineer.
  • Previous profile: Red Hat OLPC team information and community wrangler.
  • Fedora Ambassador for India and a former founding member of the Fedora Board and Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee.
  • Self elected Fedora project monkey and noisemaker cautiously sponsored by Red Hat. Working in Red Hat Software Services, Pune, India.
  • Long term contributor to multiple Fedora Projects
  • Linux Documentation Project volunteer


I lead the Fedora Games spin , Fedora Xfce spin and some Indian Language spins of Fedora.

Packages I Maintain/Co-maintain


Red Hat Magazine

Linux For You

  • Freedom Software: How to Contribute : September 1, 2003 Page: 99
  • Top 10 Freedom Software Myths : July 1, 2003 Page: 91-92
  • Popular Linux Packages : April 1, 2003 Page: 25-26
  • Linux@Home February 1, 2003 Page: 14-16

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Media References

Conference Reports

I love to attend conferences and any public technology gathering to meet and discuss with people on Linux and other Free software.

Fedora Documentation

I have contributed extensively to Fedora release notes and I am a editor and writer of the Overview beat in the release notes.

I also maintain the official Fedora FAQ and wrote and maintain the Overview , Red Hat Contributions , security features and Fedora 7 FAQ pages.

Fedora Weekly News

I am a editor and lead writer of the "Ask Fedora" Column in Fedora Weekly News reports

Fedora Notes

My Fedora related notes and TODO list are available here