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= Susmit Shannigrahi =
= Susmit Shannigrahi =
[[Image:Artwork_PromoBanners_fedora-mentors-banner.png|right|thumb|200px|Drop me a mail :)]]
[[Image:Artwork_PromoBanners_fedora-mentors-banner.png|right|thumb|200px|Drop me a mail :)]]
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=== Phone ===
=== Phone ===
{{admon/caution | Unless you have a very urgent need, don't call me. Drop me a mail instead. }}
* VoIP: ''''
* VoIP: ''''
* +919433469028
* Skype: ''susmit.s''
''' Fedora Account: '''
''' Fedora Account: '''
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* [ Linuxforu Mirroring]
* [ Linuxforu Mirroring]
* [ LinuxJournal]
* [ LinuxJournal]
* [ Paul]
* [ Announcements]
* [ Interview with FPL]
== My Resume ==
== My Resume ==

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[edit] Susmit Shannigrahi

Drop me a mail :)

[edit] About me

I am Susmit, staying at Kolkata, India.

Currently, I am a member of the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee, which is a globally elected body. Moreover, I work as a mentor for the APAC region and also lead the Fedora Freemedia Program which is an effort to globally deliver Free Fedora Media. But my area of interest is Fedora Infrastructure and to which I need to commit more time.

I don't remember exactly when I started using GNU/Linux. It was most probably RedHat 7. But I remember those days when no graphical partitioning tool was available. Installing was not this much easy ... and I liked the adventure (It really was!!!). That was how it all started.

After that I have followed every release and also followed a few other distro. But in Fedora, I saw the constant urge to improve and sticking to some basics, that's why I am still with Fedora. And I plan to continue.

But Fedora or not, I always dream of a free world, where people can freely think, express and act.

Let's take small steps together towards that freedom.

Promote Free Software. Promote GNU/Linux.

[edit] Contact Me

[edit] Email


[edit] IRC

My nick is: susmit

I generally hang out at #linux-india, #fedora-india, #fedora-admin and other various fedora channels.

[edit] Phone

  • VoIP:
  • Skype: susmit.s

Fedora Account: susmit

[edit] GPG Key

Import Key : [From mit server]

pub   1024D/86DD170A 2002-01-03
Key fingerprint = 6ABE FCF6 C37D 3D68 C577  F71E 69E3 4E2E 86DD 170A
uid                  susmit (none) <>

[edit] With Fedora

I am working for these right now:

  • Leading Fedora Freemedia.
  • Fedora Ambassadors steering committee. (FAmSCo)
  • Fedora Ambassadors membership administration. (FAmA)
  • Fedora Regional Mentor for India/Asia pacific.
  • Fedora Infrastructure
  • Fedora Artwork.
  • Fedora websites.

I am looking to contribute to more projects in near future. :)

[edit] A few external links

[edit] My Resume

My resume can be found here