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Tadej Janež

Email: tadej.janez AT

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia (UTC+1, +2 during summer)


Activities within the Fedora Project

I've been a Fedora user since its first release. Before that I used Red Hat Linux. I switched to it full-time during the 7.2 release cycle (2001). My self-introduction to the Fedora community dates back to Jan 18, 2004.

Currently, I'm the maintainer of PyQwt, python-pebl, techne, billiards and python-meliae. I'm a co-maintainer of ode.

I've also participated in the Fedora test days involving GNOME, Power management and Graphics (X Test Week).


  • Machine learning toolkits (with emphasis on ease of use and efficiency)
    • recent converter and contributor to scikit-learn
    • seasoned Orange user and occasional contributor
  • Developer tools (e.g. IDEs, editors, debuggers, profilers)
  • System administration and Virtualization (configuration, deployment, maintenance)
  • Quality assurance (discovering and troubleshooting problems)