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I am part of the Fedora Project since 2007 and mainly I take care of develop art, translations, marketing stuff, promoting the use of Fedora and recruit new talent to our community.


General Artwork for Fedora Releases

Fedora 15 Mockups Other Releases: F14 - F13 - F12 - F11 - F10

Spins Artwork

Security - Education / FedoraForKids - 4fundaciones - FirstAidKit


Badges Pins - Banners - Hackergotchi Service - Logos - T-shirts - Videos Promos - Interviews - Fedora Magazine - Other stuff

Events Artwork

FUDcon: Panamá 2011 - FUDcon:Zurich 2010 - Linux Day Chile 2010 - Flyers and presentations

Actual tasks

If you want me to help you with a design task, click here and open a ticket. Remember to assign it to tatica


Personal Information

María "tatica" Leandro

Venezuela - LATAM

B-day: 26-Agosto

Languages: Spanish (native) - English (Intermediate) - Portuguese (Basic)


Voip: tatica




Design - Marketing - Translation - Ambassadors - Mentor - Ex-FAmSCo - Insight - Education - Magazine