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Ambassadors notes

Requeriments to be an ambassador

  • Not only have the spirit of contributing but also the conviction to do it.
  • Commitment is a MUST.
  • Interact with other users and Teams.
  • Develop and/or work on an idea that can make Fedora a better place/distro.

Ambassadors tasks

  • Make ambassadors gear between teams and new contributors
  • Ambassadors can guide new candidates through the same ambassador program
  • Assign tasks before they open an ambassador request ticket
  • Help teams to interact with new contributors
  • make a group+trac-instance mentorees (or call them whatever) - but no mailing list(to enforce the personal relation)!
    • make the group a place to go for absolute beginners or people who feel they need mentoring
    • joining groups directly by having a sponsor is still possible

Mentors notes

Mentors selection process

  • Mentors should show a record that shows their goals.
  • events AND projects(teams) where he have help and serve as gear for other members to join
  • at least 1year serving (non-stop) as ambassador

Questions you might like to ask to an Ambassador Candidate

  • How long have you been using linux?... and specifically fedora?
  • How did you start to use fedora?
  • What do you like about Fedora distribution?
  • Do you know more Fedora users? Did your help them to set up their computers?
  • Have you participated in a Free Software event?
  • Have you worked as a representative for Fedora at any event?
  • What do you like of fedora community in $REGION and worldwide?
  • What do you think you can do to improve Fedora?
  • What ideas do you have for improving the Fedora Project?
  • What do you consider are your most important skills or things you most enjoy to do? (If you have links would be great :) )
  • What projects do you currently participate in and which ones would you like to get more involved in?
  • Tell us a little about yourself, a small biography to help us know you better :D