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Name: Jesús Franco

Location: México City, MX

Login: tezcatl

Languages: Spanish (native), English(reading comprehension)

Fedora/Linux projects i'm working or looking for sponsor

0. Reuse existing Fedora documentation as contributions to: Curso de introducción a gnu-linux "Instalar no es Suficiente" for Encuentro de Educación, Cultura y Software Libre 2010

These contributions to the Linux course are absolutely worthy in order to reach more new users with Fedora, not just "newbies" in free software, but completely illiteracy on ICT's.

1. If the Fedora documentation doesn't exists or lacks of requisite for the course (well illustrated, everything translated to spanish), i'd like to contribute to the official Documentation Project (or Translation, whatever applies)

2. Writing a Fedora User Guide for:

  a) Thin clients (LXDE spin focused)
  b) People with no-knowledge on ICT (using Fedora as first OS).

3. Spreading Fedora in education in my area.

  I'd like to find a mentor for ambassador activities in México City.

About me

I'm user of Fedora since a year ago, and Linux systems since 2006. I tried before with Knoppix and Ubuntu-derivatives, Gentoo and Ututo but Fedora has proven to be the most flexible, easy but powerful and stable i've tried so far. It runs on our netbooks, and the family desktop (a fairly old Pentium3 @133MHz with just 256 MB RAM)

I work as mentor in a k12 school in a suburb of Mexico City, and i have experience with adult people and kids on social centres spreading freesoftware, you can read about that experience on Alfabetización Tic / Proyecto Fedora LATAM.


e-mail: GPG KEY ID: E85B 2FB7 7DB8 3A59 µblog: Jabber: IRC: tzk_ Blog: M-x aprende-y-comparte