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Wael Ammar

  • I live in Tunisia / Ariana
  • Student at Higher institute of computing ingineering (Institut Supérieur d'Informatique)
  • Vice President of an Open Source club in my institute named "freeways"


  • Email: thecyberxp AT gmail DOT com
  • IRC: TheCyberXP on #fedora-tn and meeting channels at freenode
  • GPG key: 977AB35C
  • Fedora Account: thecyber on the Fedora Account System


  • I plan to do many manifestation and "Open Day" about the free software and the open source specially the Fedora O/S
  • I plan to present Fedora in the manifestation that the club "freeways" will do
  • I plan to do a "Fedora Install Party Day" to promote Fedora
  • I plan to do many Open Source project under the Fedora O/S with the club "freeways"