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Akrem Robotique


  • ena rani we7ed te3eb fi mo5i wen7eb na3mell barcha 7weyej w menhom zeda guitarra
  • I live in Tunisia / Ariana chta9tini à la mode
  • Bachelor + 3 (DUT) of Computing Science m3iiz
  • Currently I work at STMicroelectronics, Packaging Departement
  • I've passed and succed at LPI 101 Exam and soon the LPI 102 to became Linux Certified
  • Founding member of Fedora Tunisia Team
  • Vice President of an Open Source club in my institute named "FreeWays" fi sab5et sijoumie
  • Web Developping and Linux system trainer at an association named Children And Science Tunisia



  • I plan to contribute in Transalation and Packaging project
  • I plan to do many manifestation and "Open Day" about the free software and the open source specially the Fedora O/S
  • I plan to present Fedora in the manifestation that the club "freeways" will do
  • I plan to do a "Fedora Install Party Day" to promote Fedora
  • I plan to do many Open Source project under the Fedora O/S with the club "freeways"

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