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Thijs Hulshof

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Hi all. Excuse me, I'm currently not very active. My exams are approaching, so I'm quite busy with school :) But when it's finished, I'll be available as an ambassador again!

Fedora Ambassador in The Netherlands



You can contact me in: English, Nederlands, Deutsch and Esperanto.

About me

Hi, I'm Thijs, and I'm a Fedora Ambassador in The Netherlands. Since +/- 2000 I've been using Linux, especially Red Hat and later Fedora. Why I like being an ambassador: I'm very enthusiast about Fedora and Open Source Software, so I'm trying to spread the word about Fedora in The Netherlands.

As an Ambassador, it's easier to promote Fedora, so I became an Ambassador almost immediately when the Ambassador-program started. Actually I was already doing the things a Ambassador has to do, before I became Ambassador. In The Netherlands I'm quite an active Fedora user, I write Dutch documentation, and I translate the FedoraFAQ to Dutch.

Things I do for Fedora

  • Dutch translation of the [wiki:nl_NL/Kadischi Kadischi] -pages.
  • On 25 Februari 2006 there will be a meeting / introduction-day to Fedora Core in Hengelo (GLD), in The Netherlands. For more information (in Dutch) see this page .
  • On 17 May 2006 I'll be at SANE2006 on the Fedora booth, Delft, The Netherlands.