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Thorsten Leemhuis

Email: Thorsten Leemhuis <>

GPG Key: 0x72B6E6EF4C583D2D (run gpg --recv-key 0x72B6E6EF4C583D2D to get it)

IRC: knurd on Libera Chat

Twitter: and



Supported languages : de, en

Living in: Hannover, Germany

I was on the first Fedora Extras Steering Committee (FESCo) and served as chairman of the second; sadly when Fedora Core and Extras merged I had to resign from that position due conflicting interests with my day job. That made me look for new opportunities in Fedora-land: together with others I started the EPEL effort and served as chairmen for the EPEL Steering Committee till February 2008. I later was much praised for this and other work on Fedora by former Fedora project leader Greg DeKoenigsberg.

In parallel to my contributions within the Fedora project I did a lot of work for one of the most used 3rd-party add-on package repository for Fedora. Later I helped getting this repo merged with two others to form RPM Fusion, where I acted as lead developers for several years; it quickly became the mostly widely used add-on repository for Fedora and still is to this day.

Over time my focus shifted more and more work in the area of the Linux kernel. That's why these days I'm maintaining just a few packages of Fedora Linux. In addition to that I also maintain add-on repositories serving Fedora packages containing up to date vanilla Linux kernels.

I'm still keeping a eye on some of the Fedora lists, but not as closely as I used to; so if there is anything Fedora-related you want to know from me or if you need my help with something better CC me.