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Thomas Janssen

- Born 1964
- Location: Frankfurt am Main
- Linux since 1998 (S.u.S.E. 5.2)


Email: thomasj [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
IRC : #fedora




my name is Thomas Janssen. I'm from Germany and i started to use Linux in 1998 with S.u.S.E 5.2. I'm a KDE User from the beginning and i really love KDE :D I tried some RH and Fedora Core versions in between, but I finally changed to Fedora with Version 8 and i think i found my home. I spend a lot of time on IRC and can be found in:

  1. #fedora
  2. #fedora-kde
  3. #fedora-bugzappers
  4. #fedora-devel
  5. #fedora-social
  6. #kde
  7. #kde-devel

And various other channel.

I contribute in many ways. Helping on the aforementioned IRC channel, as helper and as operator (some of them). Part of the Bugzappers (triager for the plymouth component). Being a packager. My packages are:

skrooge, incollector, qtcurve-kde4, qtcurve-gtk2, blokkal, stfl, newsbeuter

Some of them are on the way into the official fedora repositorys, some of them are already.