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Justin "threethirty" O'Brien

Location Richmond, IN, USA

Free Software/Free Culture Advocate

  • FSF Asoc. Memeber #7970
  • EFF Member
  • GNU+Linux User
  • Fedora Fan Boy
  • Creative Commons Media Producer
  • Member 0 of NumberedHumanIndustries [NHI] which is a Free Software/Free Culture thinktank


  • I hosted LinuxCranks
  • I host Kernel Panic

I contribute to:

  • The Linux Link Tech Show
  • Hacker Public Radio
  • Something Kinda Techy

And I am a frequent guest on:

  • Linux Basement


Activities within Fedora

  • lurking on the fedora-legal mailing list trying to beat Spot to a solution,
  • lending what helping hand I can in #fedora
  • Marketing Team Member
  • Ambassador as of 1/05/10
  • Working on a Ambassadors Field Guide
  • Pitched idea to mktg and design for a Fedora Art Show
  • wrote the draft for the F13 Alpha Annoucement
  • Trying to keep the Marketing Video idea as Free as possible
  • Attended FADNA 2010
  • kicking around some other ideas, when I get up the courage to stick my nose into something you will see alot of me :)