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== '''Contact Me''' ==
== '''Contact Me''' ==
* '''Website''': Helpsworld [ Helpsworld]
* '''Email''': [ tiansworld AT fedoraproject DOT org]   
* '''Email''': [ tiansworld AT fedoraproject DOT org]   
* '''IRC''': tiansworld [irc://freenode/fedora-cn #fedora-cn]
* '''IRC''': tiansworld [irc://freenode/fedora-cn #fedora-cn]

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Tian Shixiong

Self Introduction

This is Tian shixiong(tiansworld) here. I was born in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China.

I studied LOGO in 1995 during my middle school time and Visual Basic in 2001 in university. My bachelor major was Packaging Engineering and master major was Polymer Processing Engineering, but this didn't stop my enthusiastic on computer science.

I've been using Fedora Linux since Fedora Core 4, this was the beginning of my Linux journey. I am interested in system admin even I don't have any experience on it. Currently I am contributing as a Simplified Chinese translator for Fedora L10n. Translating Fedora websites, documents and wiki.

I like photography, playing guitar and listening to music in my free time.

Contact Me

What am I doing

  • Simplified Chinese translation of Fedora websites, documents and wiki.
  • Simplified Chinese translation of Music Score software NtEd.
  • Terminology list(术语对照表) for zh_CN zh_HK and zh_TW

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