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Jason Tibbitts

I'm the head systems administrator for the Mathematice Department at the University of Houston. We use Fedora extensively on the desktop, and I'm interesting in useful scientific and sysadmin applications into the distro. Along with a few more games, of course.

Lately I've been spending a lot of time moving packages through the review process. A package submitter can do all of the hard work to put together a nice clean package, but if someone from the community doesn't step up and do the necessary review the package may languish in the queue and the packger may simply go away, their hard work wasted. Some of my packages have been in the queue for some time, so I know how it feels.

As I write this I have over one hundred forty reviews either in progress or completed.

You can see the template I use when doing reviews here: User:Tibbs/Review Template .

Bug me at:

Packages I maintain:

  • denyhosts
  • nazghul
  • swaks

Stuff I'm working on getting in:

  • the GPC Pascal compiler [1]
  • the GAP computer algebra system