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Juan Antonio González Salinas

Hi dear and respected Fedora Community,

Let me first introduce myself. My real name is Juan Antonio González Salinas and I am Mexican. Please feel free to call me just Tony. Though I live in Monterrey, Mexico, I often switch to the city of Austin, TX, USA. I hold a BS in Electronics Engineering. My first contact with Linux was at college Tec de Monterrey (ITESM) Monterrey Campus. Although I started studying Economics, ASAP I got in touch with IBM AIX RISC Technology I decided to switch to Engineering. That was back in 1994, even before Linux.

I have tested too many Linux Distros and I'm convinced Fedora is the one. For it is the most organized and serious effort I decided to side with Fedora.

I may know very little, but I'm willing to learn and to create. But if only a kind suggestion comes to this little minde, be assured I will speak out.

Please feel free to contact me any time, I'm more than willing to spread the Fedora Gospel.

Kindest Regards,

Tony C.