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This is a test of how we might structure the Packaging Committee Todo list better using mediawiki features

Basic idea is that people would add specific categories to their page and that would get them listed here

Packaging Drafts

Draft Documents
These are documents in a draft state, you rely upon them at your own risk.

These pages represent drafts of new packaging guidelines and proposals for packaging guidelines modifications.

Each page has a Discussion (talk) page for comments. Some pages may have a discussion section as a part of the page. Please sign your comments with the ~~~~ syntax which will automatically expand to add your name, a link to your User: page, and a date stamp.

Check the status of review on the packaging committee (FPC) agenda. If accepted, the draft would then be moved or merged into the existing Packaging Guidelines.

New pages should follow Help:Wiki_structure naming conventions and add [[Category:Packaging guidelines drafts]] at the bottom of the page to place it in this category. Existing pages will be renamed to meet the naming conventions (see Docs_tasks_for_Packaging_Guide_and_related_materials for status)