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== Contact information ==
== Contact information ==
*'''Fedora Account:''' twohot
*'''Fedora Account:''' twohot
*'''PGP:''' E7455E1A
*'''PGP:''' 4A7CD85B
*'''E-mail:''' twohotis AT gmail DOT com
*'''E-mail:''' twohotis AT gmail DOT com
*'''Mobile:''' +234-7038772233
*'''Mobile:''' +234-7038772233

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Onyeibo Oku

Mini Bio


I deliver lectures on Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) and Building Services at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria (ESUT). I hold a Bachelors (B.Sc.) and Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Architecture while carrying a sizeable passion for computers. I learnt to code in BASIC as a teenager and later added some fundamental knowledge in C++, LISP, HTML, CSS. These days, I do simple automation with Python scripting for Design Applications that support it.

I've participated in various Architectural projects, east of Nigeria, mainly as the anchor person for CADD, Presentation and Design in general. Between 2005 and 2007, I acted in the capacity of a Computer Laboratory Attendant for Architecture Department (ESUT).

My first experience with Linux was in 2006. The Distribution was Ubuntu (Dapper Drake). In 2008, I decided to take the Linux OS seriously when I discovered that it hosts some professional Software for Architectural Visualization and Design. The Distributions supported by vendors of such Applications were mostly Redhat Enterprise Linux, SUSE and Fedora. Fedora became my OS of choice by natural selection.

Contact information

  • Fedora Account: twohot
  • PGP: 4A7CD85B
  • E-mail: twohotis AT gmail DOT com
  • Mobile: +234-7038772233
  • Languages: English, Igbo, Pidgin-English
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Time Zone: UTC +01:00

Activities within Fedora

  • Ambassadors: Member of Fedora Ambassadors-Africa
  • Design-Team: Worked on DIY Media Jacket for the Community 2009. Redesigned FreeMedia Mailer for Freemedia Group in January 2011. Produced initial Release Poster design for Fedora Lovelock (15) which was finalized by Luya Tshimbalanga
  • Fedora Sound SIG: Presently Creating a Sound Theme called 'vocal'. The theme is still in early stages of development. Users are welcome to test it out and provide suggestions for improvement. In the meantime, I am creating those samples with a CAD U7 Condenser microphone in a relatively noisy environment. I hope to record the samples in a professional studio after enough critiques from the Fedora Community. Enjoy some variation!
  • FreeMedia: Sent Seventeen(17nos.) i386 DVDs and One(1nos.) x86_64 DVD so far, on record (and many others, off-record)

Other Information

  • My Blog
  • Two-hot is the word-for-word translation of my name to English. So, its not just a 'guy' name ... its my name.
  • I go by t2hot at Freenode ( and other IRC servers for open-source projects, particularly #fedora-qa, #fedora-sound and #blender. The best place to discuss improvements on my Vocal theme (mentioned above) is at #fedora-sound.
  • I also hang around ##floss4arch channel at Freenode where I discuss or hold online classes on the use of Open-Source software tools for Design and Collaboration in Architecture.
  • I am a member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (G98)