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Onyeibo Oku


My friends prefer to call me two-hot, which is a literal translation of my name in English. I lecture at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria. I am an Architect by training but with sizeable passion for computers. I learnt to code in BASIC as a teenager and later added some fundamental knowledge in C++, LISP, html, css, and Python.

I work with computers a lot, especially while generating 3D Art, and architectural drawings. I had some experience as a Graphic Artist in a Printing Firm and can use a lot of graphic software too. I find that people respect my opinions about choice of software and hardware. It is common to find me performing System Administration for firms in my neighbourhood.

Three years ago, I started using Linux and have settled for Fedora. I have been talking to Friends who run businesses with lots of PC's to give it a try. It is almost certain that I will part with a Live-CD when I visit a cyber-cafe. People only need to see Fedora in use to decide in its favour ... and I just want to take it where the crowd is.

Contact information


Mobile: +234-7038772233

Languages: English, Igbo, Pidgin-English

Fedora Account: twohot

Activities within Fedora

1. FreeMedia: Sent 4 CDs and 1 DVD so far, on record (and many others off-record) 2. Design-Team: Worked on DIY Media Jacket for Community. Presently redesigning FreeMedia Mailer 3. Ambassadors: Representing Fedora in Nigeria