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Onyeibo Oku

My name is Oku, Onyeibo. My friends prefer to call me two-hot, which is a literal translation of my name in English. I lecture at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria. I am an Architect by training but with sizeable passion for computers. I learnt to code in BASIC as a teenager and later added some fundamental knowledge of C++, LISP, html, css, and Python.

I work with computers a lot, especially while generating 3D Art, and architectural drawings. I had some experience as a Graphic Artist in a Printing Firm and can use a lot of graphic software too. I find that people respect my opinions about choice of software and hardware. It is common to find me performing System Administration for firms in my neighbourhood or acting as a resource person in seminars (delivering talks on Multimedia Computing).

Two years ago, I started using Linux and have settled for Fedora. I have been talking to Friends who run businesses with lots of PC's to give a try. It is almost certain that I will part with a Live-CD when I visit a cyber-cafe. People only need to see Fedora in use to decide in its favour ... and I just want to take it where the crowd is.

Contact information


Mobile: +234-70387722

Languages: English, Igbo, Pidgin-English

Fedora Account: twohot

Activities within Fedora

I plan to contribute in the Fedora Art section (Icon and Theme development), and add to Fedora's popularity in the southern regions of Nigeria and West Africa. The awareness is already growing.