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Vasile Chelban

I'm Technical University of Moldova graduate, now working on Web development projects. Started using RedHat Linux 6 as first distro, and then following exclusively Redhat/Fedora line. In order to give Russian and Romanian speaking users in Moldova and outside of it localized information about Fedora, Fedora news, configuration and usage guidance I've started project (in Russian and Romanian for now) with Wiki and some others services.


Activities within Fedora

  • I'm creator and administrator of Moldavian Fedora supporter project
  • My primary goal is to integrate mirror service into !FedoraProject's MirrorManager. Moldova internet market is growing. Most users still uses low-speed dial-up and ADSL connections. Even although some ISP provide high-speed cable/Ethernet based connections, bandwidth outside MD-IX (Moldavian Internet eXchange - set of local/internal networks with higher speed and unlimited trafic between participants) is usualy limited, or high-speed trafic costs considerably more. So creating local Fedora mirror is a great advantage for Linux users in Moldova. Most people switched using Fedora insted of others distro's because of that mirror and support information available on wiki .
  • Secondary goal is to contribute locale related information to some packages, also translations.