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Vedran Miletić

My name is Vedran Miletić. I am an ex-student of mathematics and informatics, graduated in march 2009. I work as a teaching assistant in Department of informatics of University in Rijeka, Croatia. Croatia is a really nice country in Central Europe, and Rijeka is a town situated in northwest on the sea coast. It's a nice place, and I like very much.



I have been messing with Red Hat and Fedora for quite a long time, and using Fedora as my primary OS since Fedora Core 3. I love free software movement and it delights me to see how much it has grown, and I try to get my students intersted in contributing to it. We will see how it goes.

Other than that, I have been distributing Linux on CDs and DVDs since 2004. For a while I was a member of local LUG called RiLinux, but unfortunately it was shut down in 2007. Hopefully, something similiar is about to start next academic year, lead by students of informatics of our department.

I like...

  • computer networks
  • database systems, especially PostgreSQL
  • server administration
  • Python, a language that understands mathematicians
  • ALSA

...and also...

  • swimming
  • football
  • computer games (Sacred 2 and GTA IV at the moment)
  • board games
  • hiking
  • joga
  • hanging out with friends
  • good food

...and a lot more.

Activities within Fedora

  • I'm interested in running Fedora on servers (aside from my home computers, I currently administer one server and one workstation running Fedora, more to come), bug triaging and spreading the word about Fedora.