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Timur Kristóf
[[Image:{{{image}}}|thumb|center|Timur Kristóf]]
Personal Information
Birthday: 1991.01.22
Home: Kaposvár and Budapest, Hungary
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: venemo
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IRC: Venemo on in
#fedora #fedora-devel #fedora-qa #maemo #meego #meego-bar
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Timur Kristóf

My name is Timur and I'm studying at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. (I study electronic engineering, and this is my first year at the uni.)

I've been using Fedora for about 8 months now. For the last 3 months, it has been my primary and only operating system. I am active in the community, trying to help other on IRC whenever they have a problem that I have already encountered. Outside of Fedora, I'm also active in the Maemo community, having also written a few applications for the Nokia N900. I enjoy using StackOverflow whenever I have the time to do so.


You can find me on IRC. (I usually idle there even if I'm AFK.) My nickname is Venemo.

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