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About Me

I’m Arunava Chatterjee, a Final year student pursuing my B.Tech from B.I.T.M,Shantiniketan with Information Technology as my major. I did my schooling from Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission Vidyabhawan, Barrackpore...My hometown is Kolkata.

I don't remember exactly when I started using GNU/Linux.I always try to explore distro's when its releases on .. have checked several like Ubuntu,Minix,Mint,Sabayon,Mandriva,BSD's,Parsix,Ankur, Baisakhi, ..etc.. and of course Fedora..But i prefer to use two distro-- mandriva and fedora. I'm a promoter of Open Source Software. I can be found at events like Linux Workshops.

== Signature == --

Arunava Chatterjee PHOENIX RETURNS




Call me at

  • +919432850447


2/6,Behari Lal Ghosh Road Nawdapara,Kolkata-700057

With Fedora

I am working for these right now:

  • Fedora Ambassador.
  • Fedora freemedia.

I am looking to contribute some projects in near future.